Keys to a Good Skincare Routine

Y’all, we’ve all been there.

That dang pimple. They don’t come up on just a regular day either. They come up on the day of an important performance, or an important presentation for class. And they’re right in the middle of the forehead too! It’s the absolute worst.

If you’re anything like me, and you have incredibly oily skin. You wash your skin vigorously, but sometimes genetics just gets in the way of that. Well, today we’re going to discuss ways to keep your skin healthy, radiant, and pimple-free.

  1. Don’t use too many products!

It’s great to have a few cleansers, makeup removers, masks, all that good stuff! Just don’t overdo it. A combination of too many products can actually cause more breakouts and clog your pores even more.

2. Don’t touch your face!

Ok, this one is pretty big since we’re in the midst of a pandemic. But even with a life of normalcy, you should avoid touching your face. We have greasy fingers, and so much dirt is on our fingertips. Even if you wash your hands really good (which you SHOULD), you should avoid touching your face so grease isn’t absorbed into your skin and creates clogged pores and breakouts.

3. Eat some citrus!

Lemons are actually really good for your liver and kidneys, and of course: healthy organs = healthy skin. Foods enriched with vitamin-c also help to prevent wrinkles!

4. Use stress relief products!

I have major anxiety. Being in a pandemic didn’t really help that either. And if you grow increasingly stressed, you get breakouts. It’s true! But my sister Sarah told me about this amazing product by Neutrogena for stress relief. If you wash your face with it regularly, it will definitely prevent stress-related breakouts.

5. (Gross warning) but popping pimples is ok…

Alright, this is gross but it needs to be addressed. You’ve probably heard that pimple popping is bad, and it will scar. Well, it will only leave a scar if it is not white on top. If it’s not a white head, do not pop it! Sometimes the…juice I guess…needs to be released. Sorry for the grossness, but it’s important information.


Staying hydrated is so important. And I don’t mean hydrating yourself with seventeen Coca-Colas a day, I mean water! The recommended intake of water is 8 glasses a day, but as long as you drink at least 2 to 3 bottles a day, you’ll avoid major breakouts. The reason why I say to avoid soft drinks is because sugary foods and drinks tend to create breakouts. Water makes that skin glow!

7. Get your makeup off first!

If you wear makeup, do NOT begin to use your skincare products until AFTER your makeup is completely washed off of your face! If you don’t completely clear your skin, then you’re mixing products and will mess up your skin horribly!

8. Take your vitamins!

SIS. Vitamins help so much! The best kind of vitamins are the ones that take of care hair, skin, and nails. When I take my vitamins, my skin is practically clear, my nails are healthy and growing, and my hair is thick, voluminous, and long. Vitamins work! And they also help your immune system, so if you wanna stay healthy during a pandemic, that works too.

9. Use silk pillowcases!

Cloth pillowcases tend to hold dirt easily, and even though you may wash your sheets every two weeks (I really hope you do), they still get dirty. Laying on the same pillowcase every night will only re-introduce your skin to the dirt you just worked so hard to get off by doing your nighttime skin care routine. Silk pillowcases do not hold dirt so easily, and are super soft!

10. Create a routine!

You should have a morning skin care routine, and a nighttime one. They should not be the same. Do not use the same products, and make sure you’re not overworking yourself! Your skin care routine is important! Your morning routine is to refresh yourself, and start your day! Your nighttime routine is to ease your mind and prepare yourself to rest. Just take care of yourself!

Skin care is so important that it’s hard to cover in just one article. Perhaps if this article is successful enough, we can do a follow-up and maybe an interview with a few students about their skin care routine.

Remember to take care yourself, and stay healthy. It gets hard, but it will get better! You’ve survived your worst days so far, so just wash that dirt off your face, drink some water, and get back out there, hon!

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