Home Sweet Home: MSA Residential Life Hack

“How do you deal with messy roommates/suitemates?”

Dear Friend,

The inevitable living “situations.” The great part about living on campus at MSA is experiencing living with other people who aren’t your family. The idea sounds scary at first and it can be painfully awkward and hard to live with someone when you’ve never lived with them before: you guys have different sleep schedules, one person likes the lights on while the other likes it off, someone is cleaner than the other, and of course the air conditioner will truly start an argument. It all can be overwhelming and you can quickly say you don’t want to live with each other anymore. This, of course, can lead to petty arguments, mindless whispers talking about each other, and an over all messy and negative vibe. Honestly though, all this can be resolved with the oldest trick in the book: communication.

If you and your roommate and/or suitemates have an issue with each other, I suggest holding both a room meeting and a suite meeting. This is the best way to be straightforward in addressing an issue and talking it out maturely. Being mature and respectful of others in any situation will completely avoid any hostility that may arise from the conversation.

In a room meeting, you and your roommate can address any personal concerns that one may have. If you have an issue with your roommate playing their music at night or putting the air conditioner on 86° at night, TELL THEM THAT! Being passive aggressive will not only not help the situation, but will most likely escalate the problem. Vocalizing your feelings will help you out in the long run. You and your roommate can compromise and find a solution to the problem that each person can agree on. It’s also important to make an effort to get to know one another or else it’ll feel like living with a stranger. Don’t hesitate to ask your roommate how their day was or just a simple, “You doing okay today?” This can quickly and easily create a healthy environment in the room and establish a comfortable environment as well. This will make it MUCH easier to communicate problems and address issues that you two may have.

The same goes for your suitemates! A suite meeting will allow room for the entire suite to voice their issues to each other. A lot of times, the issues that arise within a room/suite are done harmlessly. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to talk something out. I even suggest making a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for the suite. This eliminates any confusion on how to go about living in the suite. This can also be used with your roommate!

Overall, what i’m trying to say is, communication can be your best friend. It can help solve many issues whether it be your roommates inability to to clean up after themselves or if you and your suitemates have an issue over who cleans what in the bathroom on clean up nights! JUST TALK IT OUT! Not only will communicating help you in those regards, but it will also help you grow as person and help you grow as a communicator.

Try these little tips first and if something still doesn’t change, you can always take a visit to Ms. Suz and she will surely figure the situation out!

With all that said, I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! You wouldn’t believe how many arguments have been avoided by us just talking with each other!

Peace & Love


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