Does Pizza Deserve Its Celebrity Status?

Welcome back to What’s Cooking with Callie! I hope all of you are having a pleasant day. (:

In this article, I will…

  • post the meal calendars for October 18-31, 2020.
  • debate the veracity of pizza’s fame.

What’s Cooking?

This Week’s Phoenix Favorites

Callie’s Rad Recommendations

First of all, I am so happy! We had hot chicken salad this week (I hate to reveal my non-existent theatre personality, but it must be said: I would simply “die” for the hot chicken salad).

For breakfast…

  • Tuesday’s mini waffles
  • Saturday’s breakfast burrito
  • Hot grits

For lunch…

  • Monday’s lasagna
  • Tuesday’s lemon pepper catfish
  • Thursday’s stuffed crust pizza

For dinner…

  • Tuesday’s Stromboli supreme
  • Thursday’s chicken and sausage gumbo w/ rice
  • Friday’s breakfast for dinner
  • *Saturday’s Fright Night Meal

Prepare yourself for some highly inflammatory content. Viewer discretion is advised. Danger lies ahead; turn back now, before it is too late…

Delicious Debate I: Does Pizza Deserve Its Celebrity Status?


Alright, that is all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading my lengthy article, as I spent months preparing. Excuse me as I wipe the sweat from my creased brow.

In all seriousness, though, pizza has a monopoly on the delivery food business. At birthdays, school events, and late nights spent crying over textbooks, pizza makes an appearance. Trash cans overflow with greasy cardboard boxes, and stacks of these same boxes open at every single celebration in existence.

When did this happen? How did we allow this to happen?

Yes, pizza is quite the glorious creation. Whether you adore thin crust or stuffed crust, pepperoni or cheese, and tomato sauce or Alfredo, pizza probably appeals to your taste buds. You may have an unhealthy infatuation with spinach on pizza, or you may abhor pineapple as a topping. But when those cardboard squares crack open—steam rising into the air—your hunger suddenly vies for your attention. Despite the usual cheese versus pepperoni decision, everyone has specific methods. You may devoutly steal away with two pieces of cheese, or you may grab one of each. You might have a tower of pepperoni picked off for later deliberation, or you might dip your pizza into ranch dressing. Perhaps you prefer to fold your slice in half or neglect the crust. Dessert pizza may outnumber savory slices, or pasta and a salad may fill the plate instead. Therefore, despite its lack of variety or intrigue, pizza is quite versatile.

Callie, where are the interviews? Well, I already had a similar blog—titled “Why Tacos are Better Than Pizza”—published on the Literary blogspace for MSA, and my interview escapades disappointed: the vast majority of surveyed persons argued for pizza’s fame. Even to this day, I am absolutely dumbfounded. I know pizza provides an easy, affordable meal for crowds of unsatisfied, picky eaters, but why must pizza star in virtually every event? Too much cardboard goes to waste for dry bread, squashed tomatoes, and random toppings desperate to add variety. Why must we honor such a bland disappointment? However, I do appreciate the occasional slice of pizza, especially the ones with heart and soul baked into buoyant crust…

Pizza is overrated. I sacrifice my reputation, willingly, to state this opinion. Pizza is overrated, especially when you have a cafeteria serving three healthy meals ;).

Peace Out

Thank you all for joining me this week! I can not wait to tally the votes. See you soon, and I hope you all have a moment of peace in this tumultuous reality.

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