National School Lunch Week

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to What’s Cooking with Callie. In this article, I will discuss National School Lunch Week here at Mississippi School of the Arts. Enjoy…

What is National School Lunch Week?

This year’s theme, “Now Playing”, added a cinema twist to the usual routine of lunch. First and foremost, the lunch menu contained student favorites such as chili cheese fries and Cuz’s fried chicken. With plates laden with these delicious, sought-after meals, students received a ticket with an important number combination. These coupon tickets would soon reappear, but they remained safely in pockets during lunch. Juniors and seniors alike gathered in the cafeteria around a large screen, eyes transfixed on the movie of the day. When the bell interrupted the pleasant moment, the movie paused; however, its plot continued after dinner, studying, and clubs. Students returned to the cafeteria with their pocketed tickets and enjoyed snacks—Wednesday’s snack, for example, was a cupcake—as the viewing of the movie resumed. Ticket numbers were rattled off, and lucky students collected various prizes: MSA merchandise such as masks joined by highly coveted prizes like free ice cream coupons. Everyone loves free dessert, right?

And Spirit Week?

Not only did MSA students enjoy films over cafeteria favorites, but Spirit Week encouraged a deviation from regular dress. Quite a bit of our community participated, and many impressively creative—or humorous—fashion ensembles made an appearance.

My Thoughts

Tuesday’s lunch delighted many students, myself included, with…wait for it…chili cheese fries! What school cafeteria serves such a stellar meal? And to my surprise, we had cheesecake offered as dessert. I picked a slice with blueberry sauce, and it proved itself to be quite a decadent treasure. In fact, my adoration for the cheesecake is so profound that I raved incessantly about it after candle light dinner; forget the beautiful singing and the tolling of a bell rung twice a year, I revered that cheesecake ever since it first melted against my taste buds. Eat the cheesecake.

Wednesday, the cafeteria served Cuz’s fried chicken as a main entree, and I chose macaroni and cheese as one of my sides, grabbing something from the salad bar as well. Do not miss the fried chicken for anything—not even for the plethora of snacks in your room. And that macaroni brought me only happiness (it was homemade?!). I also appreciated the quality of my salad! It tasted so fresh, and I enjoyed picking my own dressing and pouring sunflower seeds on top.

As Rise uploads every Thursday morning, the upcoming lunches must remain absent of a review. I can not wait to experience more of what this week has to offer, and I recommend Friday’s loaded baked potato soup! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts…vote!

Phoenix Favorites — Special Event Edition

Peace Out

Remember to celebrate National Pasta Day (October 17) as well as National Chocolate Cupcake Day (October 18)!

Thank you for joining me this week, and I hope to see you all in the Phoenix. (:

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