Keeping Yourself Safe on the Streets

To be quite honest, we live in a dangerous world. You would think that with developing technology and increasing human intelligence, the world would get better.


The world is just getting worse. It sucks to have to be so real, but who would I be if I held back? Sometimes you have to be real to keep someone safe. And that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. Street safety.

Way too many people know the danger of walking down the street alone, especially at night. Here in Brookhaven, many MSA students check out and although they walk in groups, there’s still a risk. But if you take proper precaution, these risks are decreased. Let’s go through street safety step by step.

Note: This article is for everyone. Children, adults, males, females, non-binary, transgender, BIPOC, etc. Do not hesitate to keep this information in mind as you go through life. It could save you.

  1. Don’t stop walking.

We were all told as children to hold our parent’s hand when crossing the street, to make sure we stay in their line of sight, etc. Well, we practically live on our own. So if you’re walking down the street alone, do not stop. Don’t stop to take a selfie unless you feel like you’re safe. Don’t stop to send a text message. Do this while walking. If you need to be on your phone while you walk, do it. FaceTime your friend if you get anxious, text them, call them, whatever. Just don’t stop walking. Get to Point B from Point A as fast as you can.

2. Stay aware.

Be vigil. Stay on top of your surroundings. Your peripheral vision will be very useful to you. If you feel like you see something surrounding you, or that you’re being followed, trust your gut. Like said in number one, FaceTime or call a friend and stay on the phone with them. It’s comforting and can make you feel safe. Stay on the call with them until you’ve reached Point B, or a public place to feel safe.

3. Have a way of notifying someone of trouble.

There are multiple ways of letting someone know you’re endangered. You can carry a whistle with you, but try to keep it in your pocket. Digging through your purse or bag in a tense moment with the adrenaline rushing can prevent you from getting to it in time. Download an app called “Noonlight.” “Noonlight” is an app with a distress button on its homepage. If you feel that you’re endangered, hold the app down and it will notify authorities of your location and to come help you. Your friends can also download it and create a network. If you feel that one of them is endangered (they can do the same for you), you can hold the button down for them and notify the authorities. It’s incredibly handy to have.

4. If someone confronts you with a weapon…

As badly as I want to say to go all Batman on them, don’t. If they have a weapon, do not resist. If they demand property or money, give it to them. I promise you that property is not more valuable than your life or your safety.

5. But if they don’t have a weapon, and they grab you…

Well, let’s just look at some step-by-step pictures of how to handle that.

Example 1:

If you hit someone’s jaw or cheek with your elbow, a very sharp and hard part of your body, it’s going to hurt. If you jab them in the gut with your elbow, it’ll probably send them flying back and keeled over in pain.

Example 2:

If you’re grabbed from behind, you can try two steps (one not shown in this picture). You can throw your head forwards, then shoot it back into their jaw. If you do it with enough force, it’ll break their jaw. Or you can use the technique in the picture above and lift your body up, bend down, grab their calf as tightly as you can and pull them to the ground. Once you’ve got them on the ground, fight or flight. Start throwing hands or kicking, or you can take off running and use your handy dandy whistle, phone, or “Noonlight” app.

Example 3:

This technique is definitely useful. If you headbutt someone, punch, or just even touch their nose in the wrong way (or right way in this situation), their eyes will water. When their eyes water, their vision will become blurred and they’ll become distressed that they can’t see. Don’t stop there. This next move will definitely hurt. A knee to the groin will render them useless for at least 2 minutes, but if you do it with such a brunt force, they’ll bend over and stay that way. Once they go down, you can slide your fingers through their hair and grab it as hard as you can (if they don’t have hair, grab their ears). Once you’ve grabbed their hair, pull their face down and into your knee. Do this repeatedly. They’ll most likely lose consciousness.

Example 4:

When you jab someone under the arm, at least one of their arms will leave from the wall they’ve cornered you in. Once that happens, start punching. The punch in the second picture (which looks to be the spleen) will also cause them to bend down. Once they bend over, see the previous example. In the third picture, a punch to the jaw will definitely take them down. They hurt. So will a headbutt to the jaw. Like I said before, if you do it with so much force it could break their jaw.

Example 5:

Just to try, put your first three fingers on your chest, between your collar bone. Push down as hard you can. Did you feel out of breath? Did it hurt? Try that, should the situation lead you to it. Or if they throw their hand at you, grab it, and pull their fingers apart into what I call the “Star Trek” hand. But don’t stop there. They most likely won’t either.

More useful tips:

  • If they grab your wrist, clasp your hands together and pull as hard you can. You may not get free with the first pull, but you will shake them like a ragdoll. If you continuously do it, you will be free. Then run. Do. Not. Stop.
  • Claw their eyes. Scratch at their eyes. Push your thumbs into their eye sockets.
  • Draw blood. Drag your nails across their face and get their DNA under your fingernails. You’ll need it to identify them.
  • If they turn around for absolutely anything at all, kick them in the back of their knee. They’ll bend over or fall.
  • When you make a fist to punch, use the knuckle of your index finger and middle finger. They will hurt very badly once you hit them with it.
  • If they pull your hair, grab their wrist with both of your hands. Pull them as hard as you can. They will fall to the ground.

I do not tell you these things to scare you. But we do live in a scary world, and lives are at stake. In situations like these, it’s fight or flight. Only fight if you can’t run away.

Don’t run from someone with a weapon, they will chase you or harm you from a distance. Once you’ve hurt them enough to where they are left laying, run. Call authorities. Get to a public place and ask for help.

These are tips that can save your life. Do not be afraid to share them. These tips go for everyone. Every race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Save yourself and save others.

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