Fabulous Food Reviews and More (September 27-October 10)

Strawberry shortcake beneath a Brookhaven sunset

Welcome Back

This week’s post will feature the following:

  • Food reviews (September 27-October 10)
  • Polls (October 4-10)

Callie’s Rad Reviews


Monday: I chose the meatloaf option—along with a memorable side of mashed potatoes and gravy—and did not regret it. The meatloaf actually was meatloaf. And those mashed potatoes with gravy? Absolutely perfect. This side has remained among my favorites since last year; I have pleasant memories of eating savory mashed potatoes in inclement weather—these potatoes remind you of warm holiday dinners. They taste like one word: home. (:

Tuesday: Chicken nuggets! I am always excited to see this option on the menu. As quite a habitual individual, I always eat my nuggets with honey mustard, but many other sauces exist…a surprising amount, actually. As a side, I had the ranch scalloped potatoes, which also reminded me of a home-cooked meal. Those potatoes are exceptionally awesome, always, without fail. And that Rice Krispie treat? Oh my goodness…Are they made from scratch? Because they taste divine! If the bell interrupts my eating, I will struggle to eat mine on the way to class.

Wednesday: I typically do not care for beef-a-roni, but I will eat this for sure. The people I ate lunch with all agreed. I would also like to compliment the rolls. This is quite unprofessional of me, but what the heck? The bread is so soft and fluffy.

Thursday: All you need to know is that the steamed carrots are so good!

Friday: I am in love with the tater tots. They are miraculously the perfect amount of crunch, and they are literally golden. That is all.

Saturday: After a busy morning of walking around downtown Brookhaven, I returned to the Phoenix for hamburger steak and my favorite…mashed potatoes with gravy! I always look forward to this kind of meal, and I recommend the black-eyed peas as a complimentary side. Also, for dessert, I had a delicious oatmeal cookie followed by an orange creamsicle eaten beneath the sun.

Monday: Okay…that seasoned baked chicken? Out of this world. The chicken was so incredibly tender—one of my favorites by far. And the actual quality of the meat surprised me. I definitely recommend the following sides: parsley buttered new potatoes (one of my favorite sides ever…so buttery and well-seasoned) and stewed okra and tomatoes.

Wednesday: This was probably my favorite lunch of the week! I absolutely adore the red beans and rice here…I love Popeye’s, but in my opinion, the Phoenix serves better red beans and rice. (:


Monday: What is Huntington chicken? Well, it is a sort of cheesy pasta with, obviously, chicken. I give this meal a high rating—especially when paired with spicy fries! If you have an aversion to spicy food, no worries…the fries are not that spicy. And oh my goodness, you must try the strawberry short cake. On a time limit, I rushed to eat this dessert to avoid throwing it away. 10/10 would recommend!

Wednesday: Another unprofessional moment, my apologies: What the heck? I had the most divine pork chop ever. Outrageously tender, my knife was rendered useless. I chose the macaroni and cheese as my side, and it was so delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed its perfect cheesiness; it was more cheesy than my reviews, so I must give this meal five stars. What more can you ask for beneath a Brookhaven sunset? A delicious dinner means a lot to a stressed MSA student!

Thursday: I am not necessarily friends with Italian food, but I opted for the “Stromboli Supreme”. And guess what? I surprised myself by wanting seconds. The Stromboli was so cheesy and decadent—in a savory way, of course.

Friday: Now, you may be wondering why I never review breakfast…I lack the time to eat any of it, sadly, as I spend my mornings drinking coffee and sleeping through my alarm. But the Phoenix served breakfast for dinner last Friday. Oh my goodness, I definitely need to set my alarm to an earlier time. I had delicious pancakes with syrup. And to balance out this sweetness, I had chicken, grits, and hashbrown potatoes. The hashbrowns were amazing, and those grits were cooked to literal perfection. They were the ideal, buttery consistency and had so much surprising flavor. To summarize, I recommend that you make time for breakfast; start your day off properly!

Sunday: Check out the steak fingers…they are great with a dipping sauce (I recommend honey mustard).

Monday: I had beef quesadillas, which paired nicely with the fiesta rice and salsa. This meal made me happy despite the week’s freshly assigned deadlines.

Tuesday: Okay…I absolutely can not with the pork chops in the Phoenix! I could have chosen chicken stir fry, but, no, I had to have that pork chop again. I also enjoyed my side of stir fried rice. And with sweet and sour dipping sauce, I had the tastiest egg roll. It had a satisfying golden crisp to its exterior, and it resisted the distasteful sogginess typical of some egg rolls. All of this—paired with a cup of strawberries—made my day.

Wednesday: What is hot chicken salad? One of the best meals served in the Phoenix! If you like cheese, I definitely recommend this menu item. It makes for such a groovy dinner, and the world would have to be on fire for me to miss it. I kid you not…this is probably my favorite entree here. I hate to be dramatic, but the hot chicken salad deserves a love poem (note: stay tuned for food poems!). Also, the strawberry shortcake had a whole strawberry on top…what?! Talk about a legit strawberry shortcake.

Note: Some meals are not included in the above reviews to maintain brevity.


Polls for the meals of October 4-10, 2020

Enough about my opinions. What are your Phoenix Favorites?

Last Week’s Phoenix Favorites

Curious to hear the opinion of your peers? Last week’s poll results are in!

Most popular votes for…breakfast:

  • Biscuits lead with 21.7% of all votes.
  • Waffles: 17.4%.
  • Sausage patty, hashbrown potatoes, and hot grits/oatmeal share third place with 13.0% of the votes.

Most popular votes for…lunch:

  • Chicken nuggets lead with 26.1% of the votes.
  • Hamburger steak w/ gravy steals second place with 21.7% of votes.
  • Seasoned baked chicken: 17.4%.

Most popular votes for…dinner:

  • Baked pork chop and Stromboli supreme split first place, each owning 20.8% of all votes.
  • Chicken tenders and spicy chicken sandwich: 12.5% each.
  • Breakfast: 8.3%.

Thank you all for voting! Your voice is heard and greatly appreciated.

Peace Out

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Thank you all for joining me! Please support the cafeteria staff by enjoying their superb meals; I often forget I am eating cafeteria food, and these amazing women always impact my day positively. I appreciate the amount of time and energy that goes into our three meals a day, and I have nothing but respect for the staff and their mad cooking skills. Please thank them for their tireless contributions to your well-being.

See you next week—peace!

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