What’s Cooking? (September 27-October 10, 2020)


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my lovely subsection: “What’s Cooking with Callie”! Well, you may be asking, “Callie, are you embarking on a food truck journey to share your fabulous cuisine with the world?” Sadly, no, but “What’s Cooking with Callie” means so much more.

As students at Mississippi School of the Arts, we are united by more than our passion for art; we share one love: food! The cafeteria—better known as the Phoenix—exists as the heartbeat of MSA. When the final bell echoes through the campus, the Phoenix awaits every grumbling stomach with open arms. And beneath ceiling tiles painted by visual alumni, laughter is shared over savory cafeteria food.

I created “What’s Cooking with Callie” because of two reasons: I adore food with every particle of being, and the cafeteria is criminally underrated. As someone who regularly dines in the Phoenix, I consider myself qualified for food recommendations and even reviews, and I hope to persuade you to join me. Through my subsection, I hope to share the awesomeness of the Phoenix with you all, as the quality of the food just might surprise you!

Below, I have included the breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal schedules for September 27-October 10, 2020:


Polls for the meals of September 27-October 3, 2020:

As MSA students, your voice needs to be heard! Feel free to vote for your “Phoenix Favorites” below. As a member of the Food Service Committee, I will advocate for the most popular items, so definitely share your honest opinion. Together, we will create an even greater experience in the Phoenix!

  • If you are vegan/vegetarian, please select the meals that correspond with your favorites!

Callie’s Rad Recommendations

What are we having next week, you ask? See the meal calendar above, second row!

As an MSA student, we have the privilege of selecting our meal items from a range of options. You may be wondering which meal item to select, next week. Well, you are in luck, my friend! I have a few recommendations to…dish out.


You definitely do not want to miss Tuesday! The Phoenix will be serving Salisbury steak with gravy and mashed potatoes. An alternative, of course, exists: a grilled chicken sandwich. But Salisbury steak is one of my personal favorites, and I absolutely adore the cafeteria’s gravy.

Red beans and rice will be served Wednesday, another one of my favorites. This main meal item is impossibly delicious every single serving! Fries will make an appearance, also…another tasty treat.

The Phoenix will have chicken lasagna Friday! Need I explain at all? Lasagna is clearly a gift to the world deserving of endless appreciation.

Tasty sides:

  • Sunday: tater tots
  • Monday: parsley buttered new potatoes
  • Thursday: sliced strawberries

Lovely desserts:

  • Monday: chocolate chip cookie
  • Tuesday: fruit cobbler
  • Thursday: brownies

Every single night, the Phoenix will be serving absolutely amazing dinners, and I recommend them all!

Do not miss Monday’s beef quesadillas, Tuesday’s chicken stir fry, Wednesday’s hot chicken salad, and Thursday’s lemon pepper catfish. Also, if none of these items appeal to you, there is a second option listed on the calendar…no worries!

Out of all these dinners, I recommend hot chicken salad the most (Wednesday’s meal). It is so cheesy and delicious, and I encourage you to try it; hot chicken salad exceeded my original expectations by a million percent.

More tasty sides:

  • Monday: fiesta rice
  • Tuesday: chicken egg rolls
  • Thursday: hush puppies

More lovely desserts:

  • Sunday: carnival cookie
  • Wednesday: strawberry short cake
  • Thursday: fruit crisp

Peace Out

That is all for this week, fellow MSA students. Stop by next Thursday for more content: polls and recommendations and much more. Until then, I hope to see you all in the Phoenix. Thank you for reading! (:


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